Paintings, Drawings and Digital Prints. Represented by Koru Galleries, New Plymouth.

Recent Exhibition

Modern Beauty is Ian’s first exhibition since returning to live in New Plymouth. Ian has previously had work exhibited in Artspace, Auckland and the Govett Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth. His art reflects his investigation into surrealism and psychology. An interest in contemporary British art reflects his own personal identity and the time he has spent living and working in the UK. He identifies British artists, Francis Bacon and Cornelia Parker and the New York painter George Condo as influences.

Recent Exhibitions

What You Do

What You Do

What You Do

What You Do

Selected Exhibitions

Simulation Stimulation
Space Art Gallery, Whanganui

Modern Beauty
Koru Art Gallery, New Plymouth

Arte que Gira Mundo – Art that Turns the World
Virtual Exhibition, Portugal/Brazil.

RM 103 Gallery, Auckland.

National Drawing Awards
Artspace, Auckland.

The Graduates
Percy Thomson Gallery, Stratford.

Humediaty: A Media (re)Presentation
New Plymouth.

Material Editor
Taranaki Short Digital Film Showcase,
Govett Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth.