One Kiss

A new series of work looking at surrealism, psychology and drawing. According to the dictionary, to draw is to ‘take, extract or obtain an object from a container or receptacle’. In this context, Ian aims to ‘draw’ from the subconscious a series of drawings and paintings representing our mind and body. Glamorous and beautiful pieces that reflect light and use deep, rich colour.

One Kiss, 2022. Mixed Media Acrylic on Canvas. 1240mm x 930mm.

Simulation Stimulation

With his latest exhibition titled ‘Simulation Stimulation’, Ian Lewis produces a series of photographs that beautifully captures the light that exists between us and our technology. Looking into the sublime and an excess of information that produces images of beauty. Prints of objects and images until the original disappears from view.

Processing the photograph.



Satartday was the name of a solo exhibition at RM 103 Gallery, in Auckland. A fun look at conceptual art and how people come up with ideas, including an idea machine and tools for making art.

The exhibition was inspired by artists such as Joseph Kosuth, Bruce Nauman and On Kawara. Conceptual Art of the 1960’s and 70’s focused on what really made an artwork and contemporary artists pushed the boundaries of what could be exhibited in a gallery. They explored the relationship between the idea, the art, the viewer and the gallery.

Installation of a machine. RM 103, Art Gallery.
Art Work.



Ian Lewis

An exhibition of art including prints, photography, digital images and installation in a gallery setting.

The Artist, the image and the audience all have a role to play in how we view art. The way we look at the object is influenced by the form it is represented in. What happens to the original image in a world of constant and instant information?

Here are some more images from the exhibition.

Ian Lewis Humediaty Artwork
Installation titled ‘Humediaty’ by Ian Lewis
Photographic Print. Untitled Image 67435.


Material Editor

A short film shown at the Taranaki Short Digital Film Showcase at the Govett Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth.

Material Editor follows a 3-Dimensional drawing of a craft, navigating the space between the artificial world of the 3D computer space and the real world of film and television. Viewers were confronted by a wall of sound, when it was shown as part of a showcase of emerging filmmakers at the theatre in the Govett Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth.

Still frame from Material Editor.
Still frame from Material Editor.